Silvia Massa

Silvia Massa was born in Genova, Italy, the 6th April, 1972. Since 1st January 2004, she is Assistant Professor in Management at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Genova, where she teaches Business Economics (Degree in Management Engineering).

Educational background

1997 – Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, at University of Genoa, with the highest mark 110/110 cum laude. Degree thesis: “Policy and strategy formulation: a case in the agroindustry”.

2001 – PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering at University of Genoa, Faculty of Engineering. PhD dissertation: “Data mining and decision support: a method based on Markov chains”.

2002-2004 – Research grant: “Investigation of data-information-knowledge transformation dynamics in complex economics and organizational systems”.

01/01/2004 She started to work as Assistant Professor in the scientific field ING-IND/35 (Management Engineering) at University of Genoa, after she had won the open competition for such a position in June 2003.

Current research topics

Knowledge management in organizations: analysis of the best mixes of organizational, technological and managerial levers to be enabled in different contexts.

Investigation of innovation processes, also related to knowledge management issue, in different organizational contexts.

Analysis of organizational impacts of technology adoption in several organizational contexts.